Storm Jonas


Normally I don't post on Saturdays, but since I have not posted in a while, I figured I'd share today's photos of our little family enjoying this beautiful storm. 
It's crazy how things change. I've never been a fan of snow, but now knowing how much Gavin loves it, it makes me love it too. I enjoyed so much watching him play, but what I didn't enjoy was I brought him inside the house. He had a mini tantrum, which is hardly ever. So I gave in and gave him a Dum Dum lollipop. One, because he's always a good boy, and Two, because I hardly ever let him have candy. 

This photo is so funny. Poor Kevin was playing Where's Daddy, but Gavin had no interest. He was way too into the snow. Surprised I even got photo of him looking at me. 
Then my two men took a 5 minute break, before they started rolling themselves in snow again. 
Oh happy times!

Now I'm off to enjoy Kevin's amazing Chicken Chili. I'm such a lucky woman. 
What are you guys up to? How are you staying warm and most importantly whats on your menu? :-)
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Wearing: Asos blazer | Levis jeans | Vintage silk scarf |  Kors boots 

Shot this outfit last week and it was freezing cold. I told Kevin fuck this, I'm going home and well, these were the best shots.  Toodles!
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Hey ya'll! How was your new year coming along? Seems like forever since I last posted. I know you guys have noticed less blog posts and more Instagram posts from me, and there's a reason for that. 
Besides the holiday craziness, my mom hasn't been feeling too great. We feared that when she got her reverse colon surgery, they must've have done something wrong, because since then my mom has developed a lot of pain and from our understanding she should've been feeling better by now. 
She went for a colonoscopy and they found that she was sewn too tight. I'm not sure what the correct terminology is for that. Anyway, they tried to expand it through her colonoscopy, but we're not sure it worked as she is still in pain. Now I am worried that she may have to go through surgery again.

This has been such a long journey. I can't stand it. I literally have no motivation for barely anything, because my mom is always on my mind. I would give my all just to see her feel like herself again. 

On a positive note, Kevin and I are officially trying for baby number two.  I'm excited and scared simply because I've read that Endometriosis sometimes causes miscarriages and I don't think I'm really for that emotional roller coaster. I know, I should be positive, but I can't help to think about the what ifs. On the other hand, I'm excited to give Gavin a sibling. Obviously I want a girl, but really I just don't want Gavin to be the only child. I come from a big family, I always had my brothers and sisters to lean on, play with, and of course fight with. 
I want Gavin to experience all that, to be the big brother. 

My blog has changed so much, so I thank all of you that have stuck around with me. 
Zara cardigan | Romwe old dress | Tory Burch sandals
 Here's my latest outfit post wearing my Tory Burch Christmas gift sandals from Kevin. 
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