Storm Jonas


Normally I don't post on Saturdays, but since I have not posted in a while, I figured I'd share today's photos of our little family enjoying this beautiful storm. 
It's crazy how things change. I've never been a fan of snow, but now knowing how much Gavin loves it, it makes me love it too. I enjoyed so much watching him play, but what I didn't enjoy was I brought him inside the house. He had a mini tantrum, which is hardly ever. So I gave in and gave him a Dum Dum lollipop. One, because he's always a good boy, and Two, because I hardly ever let him have candy. 

This photo is so funny. Poor Kevin was playing Where's Daddy, but Gavin had no interest. He was way too into the snow. Surprised I even got photo of him looking at me. 
Then my two men took a 5 minute break, before they started rolling themselves in snow again. 
Oh happy times!

Now I'm off to enjoy Kevin's amazing Chicken Chili. I'm such a lucky woman. 
What are you guys up to? How are you staying warm and most importantly whats on your menu? :-)
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  1. These pictures are beautiful, so crisp. The clarity is sharp. Your skin has a glow. You can tell you all enjoyed the snow. I think chili is the popular meal for snow storms.
    Winter Sweet


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