I'm back with another project I've been working on for weeks! Last project one was Gavin's big boy room and now it's his playroom area! Maybe, just maybe I now can have my living room free of toys. Yeah right, who am I kidding? A mom can dream. 
For Gavin's room I teamed up with Minted, so it was only right to team up with them again for Gavin's playroom because no room is complete without wall art. 
 It's so important to Kevin and I for Gavin to grow up to be fearless, kind, humble, and a loving human being. That's why we went with just typography art. We wanted him to have something motivational to read, of course when he is able to. And when the time comes for him to ask us what it all means, we will be there to tell him all about it and we truly can't wait. 
We also added some Jungle animals, because its what he's into now. 
They're actually masks, which I love because they work as wall art and we can play pretend with them! 
I still have more work to do, like fill in the cubbies.
Hope you love Gavin's playroom and hope we've inspired you for your little one's play area. Lord knows we mammas need it. They need it, I meant they. ;-)
Of course, I cannot end this post without thanking Minted. Thank you, you guys rock!

Minted- Child Artist
Minted- Humble World
Minted- Best Version
Land of Nod- Table 
Land of Nod- Wire Ball Bin
Land of Nod- Yellow Milk Crate
Land of Nod- Aqua Milk Crate
Little Lulubel- Wildlife Masks 

 photo xo1.png


  1. Cute post :)
    Maria V.

  2. beautiful!!! love that your priority is to educate your kid in a respectfull way!


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