We had another long weekend at the beach and we loved every minute of it. I am so glad Grandpop has this beach house that we can always go to relax and to see how much Gavin enjoys it, makes me even more anxious for a bigger family. It's been 7 months of trying to conceive and still nada. 
Mamas send me some baby dust!

Side note: Ignore my awkward leg tan line. Got it 2 weeks go when I wore shorts to the beach, but it's almost gone now. 

J.Crew Swimsuit
Lack of Color Hat 


  1. It will happen Delmy...all in due time and more importantly, all God's time! I have had a few girlfriends go through the exact same thing and the minute they stopped putting so much pressure on themselves about conceiving, WALA! Baby on the way! It will happen for you and Kevin! Rest easy pretty lady!

  2. *Raises hand*...I'm right there with you! It has been maybe 9 months for us. I try not to think about it too much, but how can you not lol? All in due time I guess!

  3. Loving the swimsuit. It's all in God's timing once everything falls into place.


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