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As you all know Kevin and I got engaged this year which has been super exciting. I am so happy with the ring! The ring is from Hamilton Jewelers. Kevin told me all about his great experience, so of course I wanted to check out the store, translation, I wanted to see what other goodies I could get. After my visit I was very happy to hear that Hamilton wanted to work with me!" We all know the saying a kid in a candy store" well, that was me but with beautiful jewels!

Hamilton has been around since 1912 and I've always admired their iconic tudor style building in downtown Princeton. They also have locations in Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  (now I'm thinking vacation). They also have a great online selection. Check out Hamilton Jewelers here.
I was very lucky to get the chance to pick some of my favorite items to do a shoot with and it was a great experience. They were all very nice and it made the experience super fun. Also they have chocolate for customers which is delish! (Okay now I'm thinking chocolate) Anywayyy, I am a huge fan of gold over silver as you can tell from the photos as I think it complements my skin tone the best. Love that I got to mix and match some rings to stack and how awesome is the multiple ring which is one piece! Absolutely loved all the pieces and would recommend Hamilton as they have such an extensive offering from David Yurman, Gucci to their own private label (which is stunning!!).

Also, a pro tip to the ladies and the fellas (hint hint), sign up for their email list and take advantage of their daily deals online. Kevin did and surprised me with these great earrings! You can't ever go wrong with a "just because" gift.

Which piece is your favorite? It's okay to pick more than one! ;)


  1. Chic and feminine ;) Great look and thanks for sharing such lovely pictures ;)


  2. LOVE the look! I am totally feeling off the shoulder tops!



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