Gavin: Whistle & Flute tank top | Zara shorts | Gap hat

Hi guys! I am finally back from our family vacation at Disney's Polynesian Resort and though it's good to be home, I am missing Disney's magical world very much. Everyone is so happy and everything is so fun, colorful and beautiful, but best of all seeing Gavin enjoy this trip really made my heart happy. At one point I had to hold back my tears because I was watching him have such great time. As a little girl, it was always my dream to go to Disney World, but my parents could not afford it. It really is an expensive trip. You can't just go there for a day or anything less than a week. There is so much to see and experience! We are so thankful that Gavin was able to experience Walt Disney World.

This was our first day, we stayed at Polynesian Resort and it was beautiful. I seriously did not want to leave. Especially their pools!  Anyway,  we arrived a little late so we didn't do much. We checked in our hotel, changed clothes because it was scorching hot! We had dinner, (I was too hungry to take a photo of my food) Gavin played in the sand and we watched the fireworks while listening to Polynesian music. It was a beautiful peaceful night.

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