So after not wanting Summer to leave, I am officially ready for Fall and Blue & Cream has some great fall essentials. Let's start with the oversized coat, it's perfect for those cold mornings while you make your quick run for coffee. 

The oversized sweater is a must have, pair it with these GRLFRND straight leg jeans and the IRO boots and you have yourself an effortless day look. The Smythe blazer is another favorite of mine. I love the print and I think it pairs up pretty nicely with these glitter Golden Goose sneakers. 

As for the A. L. C. velvet dress, I would wear it with some flare jeans during the day and take the jeans off for a girls night out, which I am very much in need of. 
Hope you like my picks!

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  1. These are amazing pics! I am loving those glittery Golden Goose sneakers too!


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