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I purchased this dress back in August for my birthday and I knew it didn't fit, but I was determined to lose weight some day. After the holidays I went on a juice cleanse for 5 days and lost 7 pounds. After the juice cleanse my appetite hasn't been the same. I eat what I love, but small portions. I've lost an additional 4 pounds and now my dress fits! I confess, I did make other purchases from other shops and I now I'm excited to try them on.

 My normal weight has always been 145 to 150 lbs and I was 164! So before anyone thinks I am trying to get skinny, that is not the case here. I love my curves. I simply want to get back to my normal weight. 

I'm off to do some Spring shopping at Shopbop because they're having another sale! I just love their sales. I always find what I want. Save up to 75% off by taking an additional 25% off sale items by using code GETLUXE. 

Happy Shopping!



It's been such a long week. I have been home taking care of Gavin. He has been sick with the flu and a mild ear infection, and in that same week I started my IVF injections. They make me feel awful. I instantly get so drowsy and get really strong headaches. I have not been able to get any rest, until today. Gavin is still very congested, but seems like his fever has dropped. He played with his trains a bit and ate for the first time in 4 days, so that was a big deal!
So today I got out of my leggings and sweatshirt and got a little dolled up. Sure felt good to look a bit normal and not a mom of 20 kids. 



It's snowing today, but I want to believe Spring is just around the corner because I can't wait to wear frilly mini dresses and kitten heels. I am so done with layering. And for those of you going on a vacation. I'm jealous.


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