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You have seen me wear this blazer before and no, it is not a dress. But it is long enough to wear as a dress. I just had to wear tiny shorts under so no one would see my ass between the split the blazer has in the back. Other than I think this outfit turned out okay. What do you think?



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After desperately waiting for Spring, it's finally here and we got bombed with another Nor'easter storm. I just looked out the window and it looks like we have about 5 to 6 inches of snow so far.  This is freaking crazy! But on a positive note, Our little family will be in Orlando, Florida soon. So I'll just think of warm and sunny thoughts. 

Hope everyone is staying warm.



 Zara hat | Madewell sweater | Zara jumpsuit (shop jumpsuits here) | Stuart Weitzman pumps (shop white pumps here)

If you would have asked my 17 year old self, would I ever own a pair of White pumps, I would have said Hell to the No.  I thought White pumps were the tackiest and ugliest. I remember being embarrassed when my mom wore her pair. And now here I am, in love with my new Stuart Weitzman White pumps.  I can hear my mom telling me, " Been there, done that " Yes, Mami. You had style.
Now let's hope there isn't another storm so I can enjoy my shoes.
Have a great weekend!



Free People beret | Zara Blazer | Madewell Whisper Tee | Rag and Bone jeans | Rag and Bone boots

Can you believe this weather? Here I was excited about going into March and it's beginning to be worse than February. Gavin's school is closed today due to the weather, I've been up since 5am because of Kevin's stupid alarm and our master bathroom is being renovated, which I can't wait to be over. I'm like Monica from Friends. I get some serious anxiety when I see my house in a mess, especially when I have zero control over it.  So in conclusion, today is looking like is gonna be a pretty rough day. But hey, at least I got to wear my cool Red boots before the storm.

Stay warm everyone!


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