This was 2 days before my surgery. I was feeling emotional and crappy and in the spur of the moment I decided to call up my bestie Monique and ask her to meet Gavin and I for lunch. By the way lunch was Delicious. I had a Turkey burger with guac and jalapeños (I love spicy food!) with a side of seasoned fries. Mmmmm. 

Anyway,  a lot of times I tend to deal with my feeling on my own and prayer. It's hard sometimes to push myself to go out because of my anxiety. Those that suffer from it, know that it's hard to control it. You can't just snap out of it like some people expect you to. It really is a struggle. So I am glad that I got dolled up and treated myself to a beautiful day, because I needed the fresh air and I needed my friend. Thank you Mo for always listening to me and for making this photo session fun!

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