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Hi guys! Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. July 18th to be exact. A few things have happened since then. As most of you know I was recovering from a Hysteroscopy surgery that I had back June. This surgery was to remove a large fibroid that I had in the cavity of my uterus which was preventing pregnancy and affecting my quality of life. The surgery was a kind of a success. My doctor was able to get 90% of it out, the everyday heavy bleeding has stopped, I don't feel as fatigued and I was able to stop taking all these damn hormones that had my body and skin really messed up. So that's the bright side.

The downside of it all is that I have to get surgery, again. This time a Myomectomy, which I am extremely worried about.  This procedure will have to be done to remove the rest of the fibroid that couldn't be removed vaginally. A small incision will be made on my lower abdomen, it'll be like a c-section. This absolutely terrifies me, but unfortunately it has to be done. 

A few weeks ago after my Hysteroscopy, I went for my follow up and it turned out the 10% of fibroid that was left was still preventing me from getting pregnant. My uterus is pretty much distorted. I could barely hold back my tears. This has been such a struggle and now the fact that I have to go through major surgery really messes me up. 

I've been told that recovery will be tough and I worry about that so much. I am putting all my faith and trust in my God, but I can't help to feel scared. Have any of you gone through this procedure? Please share your experience with me through Instagram. I would love to hear how recovery was for you.

(these photos were taken in late July. hope you guys like!)


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