Hi guys! Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. July 18th to be exact. A few things have happened since then. As most of you know I was recovering from a Hysteroscopy surgery that I had back June. This surgery was to remove a large fibroid that I had in the cavity of my uterus which was preventing pregnancy and affecting my quality of life. The surgery was a kind of a success. My doctor was able to get 90% of it out, the everyday heavy bleeding has stopped, I don't feel as fatigued and I was able to stop taking all these damn hormones that had my body and skin really messed up. So that's the bright side.

The downside of it all is that I have to get surgery, again. This time a Myomectomy, which I am extremely worried about.  This procedure will have to be done to remove the rest of the fibroid that couldn't be removed vaginally. A small incision will be made on my lower abdomen, it'll be like a c-section. This absolutely terrifies me, but unfortunately it has to be done. 

A few weeks ago after my Hysteroscopy, I went for my follow up and it turned out the 10% of fibroid that was left was still preventing me from getting pregnant. My uterus is pretty much distorted. I could barely hold back my tears. This has been such a struggle and now the fact that I have to go through major surgery really messes me up. 

I've been told that recovery will be tough and I worry about that so much. I am putting all my faith and trust in my God, but I can't help to feel scared. Have any of you gone through this procedure? Please share your experience with me through Instagram. I would love to hear how recovery was for you.

(these photos were taken in late July. hope you guys like!)


  1. Wishing you health and a speedy recovery. It's a difficult road ahead but keep your head and spirits up. Beat of luck

  2. I had my Surgery last October! I hate they told you it would be tough. For the most part it wasn’t. I’ll be sure to share details on IG as you requested.

  3. Sorry to read what you've been through this summer. Very best of luck with the second surgery x

  4. I hope everything will go well and that after the second surgery this will be behind you once for all!

    Your look is amazing with this dress and gorgeous leo mules! xx


  5. You will certainly be in my prayers Delmy.

    The singer Amerie has a YouTube channel, and she's recently uploaded a video about her experience post Myomectomy. She also talks about giving birth after having one. It might be helpful to watch.


    Sending love and light ❤️✨

  6. Oh wow! I'm so sorry you've been going through this. I had a different surgery - to remove a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Recovery was slow but steady, so be kind to yourself. Wishing you well!

  7. Hi Delmy, I can't imagine the physical pain but I can relate to your worry and I would just like to wish you all the best for the next steps, hope everything will be fine.


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