It's the Holidays and all honestly despite missing my family like crazy and going through some tough times without them, the holidays is what I look forward to because I get to see Gavin smile more. This year is very special, because of all he is going through and we want to make sure he has the best time and the best memories. I want him grow up and look back on how joyful his childhood was.

Going tree picking is one of Gavin's favorite Christmas traditions. He loves playing hide and seek and finding tunnels, just like the one below, which I'm glad I found because I was able to capture his best self and the best part? In the middle of the shoot, he ran up to me, hugged me and said " Mom, I love you so much" I mean, it doesn't get any better. This kid really knows how to make my heart melt, and yes, if you must know, I cried. 
My outfit: J.crew coat | Old Zara jumper (similar one here) | J.Crew turtleneck | Madewell beret (similar one here)

So Christmas miracles, are they real? I watch Hallmark Christmas movies and they make me so emotional because I wish half of the things on these movies were real. I know I can't be the only one, right? Well, if I could have one Christmas miracle it would be for Gavin to healed from this autoimmune disease.  It's all I want. That boy is my everything and for him I will believe.

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