A little late on the blog, but Merry Christmas!  
This Christmas was quite peaceful which I loved. Lord knows I need a lot of it. 
I went to visit my mom in the Bronx, stayed for 4 days and loved every second of it. Being with my family gives me so much peace, plus my niece and I discussed decorations for her Sweet 16 and we to pick up her dress and that was fun. She looks like a true princess!  It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating her 8th birthday at Build a Bear.  Oh did I mention that I ate SO much? Well, I did. My mom always spoils me with food and I could never say no, especially to her tamales!

Anyway, we waited for Kevin to arrive to my mom's house to open gifts on Christmas Eve night. 
He stayed in New Jersey to build Gavin's bunk beds for Christmas, which Gavin loved. 

Then on Christmas morning, we opened more gifts while A Charlie Brown Christmas movie played on TV.  Every time they danced, Gavin danced. It was very cute to watch.

 This Christmas was extra special. As most of you know this year has been tough, but Gavin has shown so much strength throughout this tough journey and we wanted to make it very special and so it was all about him. He got everything he wanted. Imagine Ink coloring books, stuffed animals from Peanuts, more Thomas & Friends trains and not to mention his Bunk Beds.  Just look at his face, it's pure joy and it warms my heart. 
 So after we got done with opening gifts, we had breakfast, played with some toys, got ready and then went over to Pop-Pop's house (Kevin's dad) to celebrate Christmas with him and yes, you guessed it, MORE presents for my little guy.  I had all intentions of wearing Red, but as you can see I decided to go the Pink route and Gavin wore a very Green sorta Christmas-y sweater.

Now Gavin and I are gonna go through his toys for donation. I explained to him that many families can't afford to receive presents, not just for Christmas, but all year round. His response was "oh no, poor families. They can have some of toys mommy".
He's still young completely to understand, but we will try our best to make sure he continues to grow up with a kind and generous heart and to help those in need. 
I hope all of you had a Christmas full of love and laughter and continue to appreciate everything you have, especially your family and your health.

Love you all, 

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